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Sophrosyne (n). a healthy state of mind, characterized by moderation and a deep awareness of one’s true self, and resulting in true happiness


The key to aging dynamically and becoming more effective with age lies within a mindset.  It is through the process of understanding ourselves that we truly can evolve into our full potential. We believe that each woman’s healthcare journey should be in her own control.  We feel this is the key to redefining women’s healthcare.

The experience we offer with Sophrosyne uses an individualized lifestyle medicine approach that is centered around the patient.  In this wellness experience each woman will be educated on the science behind individualized healthy living and lifestyle choices that affect personal well being.  We believe women need to know the “why” in order to make a profound impact on their physical and psychological health.  The mindset we each create is the key to healthy living and only by understanding ourselves can we better ourselves. The answer to living your best life lies in you!       

Sophrosyne’s network of healthcare practitioners looks at women’s total health – mind, body and gut – to create a personalized wellness program that is founded on nutritional genetic testing. 


The VIP Concierge program includes an initial wellness visit in which a comprehensive evaluation is done on the patient.  The Experience will begin by using diagnostic results from genetic, hormone and GI testing, along with lab work, BMI scanning, ultrasound, feedback services, immunotherapy, food sensitivity testing, and a brain scan to create a wellness experience for each woman.  This will feature a year-long evolving nutritional and supplement program with personalized fitness training.

Patients will also have 24-hour access to Dr. Szczepanski; same day, in-home appointments for both acute and chronic health needs, coordinated seamless care with specialists, monthly wellness boxes and home delivery of supplements.

Meet our team

Dr. Devan Szczepanski

Physician / owner

As a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, Dr. Szczepanski also chose to get post-graduate certification in Nutritional Medicine in an effort to more fully meet the needs of every patient who walks through her doors. “I am very passionate about the need for South Louisiana people to have a doctor who can relate and listen to them on their level and meet them where they are in their healthcare needs. By being well-versed in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, I can use diagnostic testing to formulate comprehensive lifestyle medicine for my patients and better serve our highly motivated community looking for a holistic approach to their healthcare,” Dr. Szczepanski explains.

“When women understand the underlying basis to their symptoms, they can then become motivated to create a life balance that is often not found in a pill bottle,” says Dr. Szczepanski. “By addressing the ‘whole patient,’ we can often get results that are otherwise unobtainable.  We believe women need to know the ‘why’ in order to make a profound impact on their physical and psychological health.”

Hayes, RN

concierge director


Wellness / marketing

Our mission is to empower and pay it forward for the betterment of women’s healthcare.  Your journey can directly impact the lives of generations of women as Sophrosyne has committed to giving 10% of all proceeds to “Go Red for Women” as a sponsor of the Northshore division.

Sophrosyne also offers other Wellness Services with VIP Pricing

  • Aesthetics
  • Sexual Health (BHRT)
  • Physical Therapy Consults to include Massage Therapy/Dry Needling
  • Vitamin Therapy and Injections
  • PRP Facials, Injections and Hair Restoration
  • Chemical Peels/Microderm
  • Personal Training
  • Cooking Classes
  • Counseling Sessions
  • Laser/Ultrasound

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